Canadians will commemorate veterans on November 11, as we have every year since Remembrance Day was established in 1919. Each and every one of us should honour the  sacrifice of so many of our valiant ancestors and current-day heroes. Yet too often we forget that with remembrance of their past deeds comes an obligation to them in the present.

"Why?" asks Brian Lee Crowley, Managing Director of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute. "What is the nature of the bond that links Canadians and their veterans?"

In a recent presentation to a panel organised by Veterans' Ombudsman Col. Pat Stogran, Brian laid out the specific reasons why all Canadians should be "Honouring Sacrifice" of our veterans and explained why doing so is both a moral obligation and a practical necessity.

This presentation is now available as an MIL Commentary and may be downloaded here...

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