MLI national security contributor Paul Chapin appears in a Sun Media report on the impending next round of WikiLeaks today. Reporter Brian Lilley contacted the 25 year veteran of the Foreign Affairs Department to get a pro's take on the rumours of diplomatic embarrassment that these leaks are expected to cause.

Chapin displays the acumen and expertise that his time as a senior foreign affairs officer brings to bear on any issue he deals with. He advises that it is not the time to push panic buttons, but rather, " have to be cautious about drawing too broad conclusions from too little data. It is important to look at which American said what and to whom."

You can read the article here...and, on Monday, you can read a new MLI national security study written by the very same Paul Chapin. Check our web site Monday morning after 10 AM to see To Stand on Guard: A National Security Strategy for Canadians.

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