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In this issue:

MLI held a special Great Canadian Debate with Daniel Turp and the Hon. Stephane Dion on whether the Government of Quebec can decide unilaterally on secession from Canada

The Latest edition of Inside Policy features a cover story on Sean Atleo by Robin Sears, as well as articles by Mark Quinn, Philip Cross, Dan Ciuriak, and Paul Corrigan.

MLI hosted "A Conversation with Bjorn Lomborg" in Montreal.

New MLI paper by Stefania Bartucci and MLI Senior Fellow Laura Dawson calls for Stronger Intellectual Property Rules for Pharmaceuticals in Exchange for Research and Investment Commitments by Companies

The latest MLI Commentaries by Roger Robinson on Chinese state-owned enterprise and Canadian national security, and Brian Lee Crowley on Islam vs. Islamism: confronting the terrorist threat while preserving the free society.

The Leading Economic Indicator for June 2013 shows continued gradual improvement.

Other News from MLI, including columns by MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley on why governments shouldn't be in the gambling business and why the middle class is not so endangered, as well as MLI Senior Fellow Linda Nazareth on the benefits of free trade in people, MLI Senior Fellow Alex Wilner on the European Union's move to blacklist Hezbollah, and Philip Cross on whether Kevin Page has an ethical blind spot.


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