Macdonald-Laurier Institute contributor Scott Newark is front and centre in today's Globe and Mail on this week's big issue, the arrival of the Sun Sea and almost 500 Tamil refugee claimants in British Columbia. In an Op Ed piece titled Tighter immigration laws will sink 'refugee' ships, the former Alberta Crown attorney and executive director of the Canadian Police Association presents timely suggestions in how to stop the growing problem of people-smuggling and improve our refugee determination process. He begins:

"The ship carrying 492 Tamils from Sri Lanka sailed through a huge hole in our refugee system that must be plugged before a fleet follows it in. Canadians are compassionate, but they also expect their laws to be sensible and effective and, if necessary, they expect changes to those laws to prevent this sort of abuse.

There's no question that the voyage of the Sun Sea was yet another organized effort to subvert our immigration and refugee system. As was intended from the outset, the Sri Lankan citizens aboard this Thai-flagged ship are now claiming refugee status in Canada."

Read the full Op Ed here…

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