In this Veterans Week of celebration, we have been hearing from some of our readers too. We received an email from Gary James Smith who has written a poem of remembrance, Freedom's Price, that we want to share. Gary has kindly given us permission to do so...and we thank him...


War has its place in history
And a savage place at that
It takes the lives of men and child
For freedom's price is great

Only one winner on each side,
The victor gets the spoil
Their reward for blood and sweat
Fought on foreign soil

No greater life hath no man than this
That he lay down his life for his friends
This is where his duty starts
And where his duty ends

To not mention bravery's call
I would be, remiss
Always another stepping up to the plate
When another one will be missed

Our country's birth and growing pains
Sometimes we take for granted
We soon forget the poppy fields
Where soldiers feet were planted

Remembrance Day, "Hats off to you"
Ye men of war and valour
Forgive us for our unthankfulness,
It should be the thing we savour

Men who saw the threatening of,
Other nations stand
And took to heart the meaning of ,
Fine true liberty's land

They haven't quit that valiant post,
They still watch and pray
Freedom cost too much to lose
And give it all away

We have a flag our source of hope,
It's flown among the nations
So thankful to our men of war,
We give them validation

Silent are the stories most,
Men do not share those feelings
When bombs went off and gun bursts sounds,
With emotions tossed and reeling

But Victor's share their trophy's with,
The one's they did deliver
To make this world a better place,
I'm so glad I live here

Freedom's not for fickle men
Who take these wars so lightly
But are most enjoyed by thankful men
Who thank our God Almighty

That when the occasion did arise,
We did not quake and quiver
But hastened to the battlefront
Our people to deliver

Democracy is flourishing
Because of battle stations
Hope for all the people of,
Every tribe and nation

To witness how the people come
And enjoy what our nation offers
It was all bought with freedom's price,
All from war chest coffer's

A nation that's committed to,
Peace amongst its peers
Can only win that battlefield,
Through blood and sweat and tears

O Canada we stand on guard,
We stand on guard for thee,
For freedom's price, "Remember them!
"Who stood on guard for thee.