Last week MLI published a Commentary by Scott Newark on the 'Sun Sea' refugee claimant issue and this week our Managing Director, Brian Crowley, discussed the matter on our blog in a two-part series here and here. We noted that it is time to fix a flawed and broken system that encourages queue-jumping and despicable people-smuggling by those who prey on the misfortune of others. It seems that the Canadian public agrees with the thrust of our MLI Commentary.

In polls by Leger Marketing for SunMedia and another by Angus Reid Public Opinion, large numbers of Canadians expressed their doubts about whether those aboard the Sun Sea should be allowed to stay in Canada. As the VP of Angus Reid, Mario Canseco, told CTV BC, "The major questions from people are 'why did you let the ship come in and why did you let the people skip the queue?".

We agree and raised the same questions on behalf of Canadians last week. We'll be watching for solutions.

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