November 8, 2011 - Our recent study, What Do Muslim Canadians Want?, has received a great deal of attention and has sparked a lot of debate since its November 1st release. Journalist Kris Sims wrote an article summarizing the key findings of the study in the Toronto Sun. It was reprinted in the online news source and discussed in a number of online forums and websites such as,, and On November 3rd, The Barrie Examiner wrote a piece on the study focusing on the finding that 62% of Muslims living in this country want some form of Shariah law here.

In addition to this print and online coverage, the study authors appeared on a number of TV and radio shows. MLI author Christian Leuprecht appeared on The Source with Ezra Levant and MLI author Salim Mansur appeared on Charles Adler TV show on November 1st. Later in the week, Mansur appeared on Byline with Brian Lilley to further discuss the findings of the study on November 2nd and Leuprecht appeared on Sun TV's The Roundtable on November 3rd. Leuprecht also appeared on the Dave Rutherford radio show in Alberta on November 2nd and on Radio Canada International's The Link on November 18th. Finally, Conrad Winn appeared on John Gormley Live on November 3rd.

What Do Muslim Canadians Want? examines the values and opinions of a sample of Canadian Muslims in order to understand their varied and extremely diverse attitudes on Canada and its institutions, terrorism, foreign policy, and Sharia law.

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