Dave Rutherford from The Rutherford Show had MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley on his June 21st radio program (AM 770 CHQR or streamed online) at 1pm EDT to discuss MLI's new Commentary, Freeing Canadians to Move and Trade. To listen to the audio archive, visit the Audio Vault on the QR77 website and select the date June-21-11 and the hour of 11:00am. The interview begins at the eight-minute mark. The audio archive will be available for 14 days after the broadcast.

In the interview, Crowley discusses how we need to remove barriers between provinces and Canadians to move and trade. He says, "The existence of barriers between parts of Canada was one of the very reasons that we created Canada in the first place...we created Canada to get rid of these barriers." According to Crowley, Canadians cannot look to provinces to remove the barriers the provinces have themselves created. He concludes, "The only government that really has an interest in tearing down the barriers and creating a national economic space in which all Canadian are equal is the national government. The provinces will always have an interest in protecting their local market and I just don't think we can look to the provinces alone, the provinces have to help, the provinces have to be part of the solution, but I don't believe that provinces alone can solve this problem." He calls for the federal government to use their power to create a barrier-free national economy.



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