In an article posted by Lawrence Solomon in the Financial Post entitled "Income splitting helps the poor, too",  MLI senior fellow Philip Cross and Peter Jon Mitchell explains that "Because of the enormous economic advantages in marriage both to marrieds and society at large, tax reforms among other incentives are warranted" in the co-authored report called The Canadian Marriage Gap.

Solomon writes that this study confirms that the family should be recognized as the "coherent money making machine that it has always been", whereas "Canada's income tax system illogically divides the family firm by separately taxing its components. This is akin to separately taxing a corporate firm's various departments — human resources, marketing, public relations, etc, — rather than the firm as a whole", writes Solomon.

Bloomberg also wrote on this subject. Greg Quinn writes that "Companies should consider policies to improve work-life balance" and "how their marketing portrays marriage," he quotes from Cross and Mitchell.

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