July 23, 2011 – The Roy Green Show invited MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley on the radio program this past Saturday (guest host Whitney Deane) to further discuss interprovincial subsidies, a topic he recently discussed on the July 22nd Rutherford radio program, and equalization payments. The discussion follows after the recent comments made by Premier Dalton McGuinty that the oil & gas industry is being subsidized by Ontario. Crowley says:

The oil patch in Canada is subsidizing the Ontario government to a very large extent in the sense that the oil and gas sector pays, well just in corporate income taxes alone, they pay something like $6 billion a year to various governments in Canada. A very great deal of economic activity generated by the oil patch in fact takes place in Ontario. You may have seen a study that came out from the Centre for Energy Research which is based in Calgary that shows that if you only look at new investment in the oil sand, the provinces that benefit the most after Alberta from those new investments is Ontario in terms of new GDP which generates new tax revenues and new employment and so on.

To listen online to the audio archive, visit the Audio Vault on the QR77 website and select the date July-23-11 and the hour of 12:00pm. The interview begins at the six-minute mark. The audio archive will be available for 14 days after the broadcast.

You can listen live to the Roy Green show online or on AM 770 CHQR in Calgary or 630 CHED in Edmonton weekends, 12pm to 3pm MDT.



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