MLI's Brian Lee Crowley donned his economist cap to co-author an Op Ed that appeared in the October 10th Buffalo News. Along with Dori Segal, Vice Chairman of Equity One Inc., Crowley suggests that Americans think horizontally about dealing with their housing crisis in a piece titled, Help housing market by luring high-value newcomers. The lead demonstrates that the time has come for imaginative solutions that link usually independent lines of public policy thought:

With the prospect of a double-dip recession, continued stagnation in the housing market and little money in the kitty for more stimulus, it is the ideal time to rethink one of today's most emotive political issues: immigration. America remains very attractive to the world's best and brightest; entrepreneurial (and legal) immigrants could be put to work immediately solving the current crisis in return for a chance to be part of the American Dream.

Read the whole Op Ed here...

Posted by George Young

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