Writing in the Vancouver Sun, columnist Barbara Yaffe uses a recent MLI report to explain how the 'duty to consult' will "influence the economic future of British Columbians, and their children's children."

The column draws heavily from the report, authored by University of Saskatchewan professor Dwight Newman and titled "The Rule and Role of Law: The duty to consult, Aboriginal communities, and the Canadian natural resources sector".

Yaffe writes the report is "pertinent and compelling" because of how important a correct interpretation of the duty to consult will be in future natural resource developments in British Columbia that involve Aboriginal rights.

The Eagle Feather News also wrote about the MLI study in an article on a recent UN recommendation that calls on governments to win approval from Aboriginal groups before proceeding with natural resource projects.

Newman says that this isn't consistent with the duty to consult case law. Instead, he says, governments, Aboriginal groups and businesses should be using the doctrine as a lever that brings everyone to the table.

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