January 9, 2013 - MLI has been all over the news commenting on aboriginal issues today. MLI Senior Fellow Ken Coates appeared on CTV News Channel Direct to discuss his recent op-ed co-authored with Brian Lee Crowley, "The way to break the Northern Gateway logjam: aboriginal equity."

Tonight, he will appear on CBC's Lang and O'Leary Exchange to discuss the recent Federal court ruling that gives Metis and other non-status aboriginals the same standing as First Nation and Inuit peoples. He will also discuss the Idle No More movement. Click here for the video (interview begins at the 11:27 mark). He will then appear on CBC's The National tonight to discuss his op-ed, "The way to break the Northern Gateway logjam: aboriginal equity." Video posted below.

Coates will then appear on Sun News Network's Newswire with Sneha Kulkarni on January 10th at 1:05 pm ET. He will discuss Prime Minister's meeting with the Assembly of First Nations in this interview.

Following this interview, MLI's Brian Lee Crowley will discuss the Idle No More movement on Al Jazeera TV's news programme. More details to follow.

On January 11, MLI's Calvin Helin will be on BNN's The Street to discuss his views on the economics of the current system that dominates reserves and First Nations communities generally.

On January 14, Coates will be on CBC Radio's Information Morning in Fredericton to discuss the federal court decision regarding non-status aboriginal people in Canada. He will also discuss his Globe and Mail op-ed on aboriginal equity on CBC Radio in Yellowknife following this interview.


Ken Coates on CBC's The National on January 9, 2013


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