Following unnamed Turkish authorities claiming that they have evidence that Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered inside the Saudi Arabian consulate in Instabul, MLI Research Advisory Board member Elliot Tepper went on CTV to discuss the most recent developments in this case.

"It's confirmation of what we had every reason to suspect was already the case," said Tepper. "This just brings an extra layer of proof."

In terms of the overall foreign policy implications of these developments, Tepper argues that the Khashoggi case has potentially far reaching implications for Saudi Arabia - a major player in Middle East geopolitics and a country often seen as an important counter balance to Iran.

"The question now is whether this will effect this stable, but rather fragile, state... will this destabilize one of the pivot points in the Middle East, but also a pivot point for the economy of the world?"

"We're into a crisis situation in regards to the future of the Saudi state."

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