Latest issue of MLI's magazine profiles iconoclastic MP Michael Chong, and the debate he has started about putting a check on party leaders

OTTAWA, April 11, 2014 – In the cover story of the latest edition of Inside Policy, the magazine of the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, Robin Sears profiles Conservative Member of Parliament Michael Chong, who introduced an amended version of his Reform Act this week.

James Anderson, Managing Editor of Inside Policy, writes that opposition from those who support the status quo has "not discouraged the indefatigable Chong from his effort to convince fellow MPs to support a series of very significant — some have termed them 'revolutionary' — parliamentary reforms".

Chong's bill, which was originally introduced last December and is expected to come up for debate soon, has "captured the imagination of those who have long dreamed of parliamentary reform", writes Anderson.

Also in this issue, Chong makes the case for reform himself with an op-ed encouraging his fellow MPs to help strengthen Canada's Parliament by supporting his bill, and former Conservative campaign manager Tom Flanagan offers a counterpoint, with a warning against empowering caucus members to unseat party leaders.

This issue of Inside Policy also includes an excellent selection of articles on a broad range of public policy challenges:

  • Stanley Hartt, who was part of the delegation when the Prime Minister visited Israel, explains how the government's strategy of resolute support for Israel may leave Stephen Harper best-positioned, at a difficult moment, to impart counsel which would be suspect coming from anyone else.
  • Nick Hann explains how moving from a not-for-profit model to a concession model for Canadian airports can lead to numerous benefits, including helping to stem the tide of Canadians crossing into the US in pursuit of cheaper airfares.
  • Brian Dijkema writes that we should develop a new approach to labour relations, one that fosters both competition and cooperation rather than confrontation.
  • Mike Priaro has analyzed the nature and accessibility of Alberta's crude oil reserves and explains his startling conclusion that Alberta's reserves are the largest on Earth.
  • Dean Karalekas of Taiwan's National Chengchi University argues that Canada needs a Taiwan relations act.
  • Brian Lee Crowley writes that our health care system is broken and offers some thoughts — a prescription? — on how to fix it.

These articles and many others, including pointed commentary from MLI staff, authors and fellows, will keep policy junkies busy until the next issue of IP comes out in June. To subscribe click here.

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