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The University of Pennsylvania’s Think Tanks and Civil Society Program is currently compiling its annual Go To Think Tank Index ranking of the world’s best think tanks, inviting people in the think tank, NGO, academic and media communities to nominate their favourite institute.

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The program evaluates think tanks according to a number of criteria in which the Macdonald-Laurier Institute excels, including the quality of the academic research created, the ability to garner attention for those ideas and the impact in influencing decision-makers.

In the 2014 version of the rankings, the program rated MLI as the top think tank based in Ottawa.

Recent examples of our work include our report on how to make the Canadian postal system viable in the 21st century and another paper on how Aboriginal groups in Canada and the federal government can find common ground on natural resource projects.

Included below are our ideas for several categories in which we believe MLI would be an ideal candidate as well as some of the highlights of work we’ve done in those areas.

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MLI's strongest categories

Top think tanks by country

Top think tanks by region and location

Top Think Tanks in Mexico and Canada

Top Think Tanks -- Worldwide (Non-US)

Top think tanks by area of research

Top health policy think tanks

Top defence and national security policy think tanks

Top energy and resource policy think tanks

  • MLI further bolstered its credentials as the thought leader in Canada on natural resource issues in 2015. Senior Fellow Philip Cross authored a paper that unearthed, for the first time, the full impact of natural resources to the Canadian economy. Senior Fellows Ken Coates and Dwight Newman continued to build bridges between the natural resource sector and Aboriginal Canadians with several new items.

Top think tanks by special achievement

Best specific policy study/report

Best think tanks with an annual operating budget of less than $5M a year

Best independent think tanks

Think tank to watch in 2016

Think tanks with the most significant impact on public policy

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