In the aftermath of the arrival of the 'Sun Sea' on Canada's west coast in August, there is a growing level of concern being expressed about people-smuggling. Most recently, we hear that the federal government is contemplating action to help stem the tide of this despicable endeavour.

"Some media have pointed out that while there are very stiff maximum penalties for facilitating people smuggling in our criminal law, up to life imprisonment, there are no minimum penalties." (Immigration Minster Jason Kenney speaking to PostMedia News on September 6, 2010)

While many commentators have been involved in discussions of the issue and the possible policy responses, few have been as timely or as detailed in their comments as MLI. Within days of the 'Sun Sea's' arrival, MLI author Scott Newark was writing in the Globe:

"Engaging in such people-smuggling or human-trafficking activities is an offence under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, although the way the section is worded, there's no minimum sentence and probation is a possible sentence. Deterrence this isn't." (Globe and Mail Op-Ed, Tighter immigration laws will sink 'refugee' ships, on August 19, 2010)

Scott's op-ed was followed by a longer and more detailed Commentary, The 'Sun Sea' Tamil Mass Refugee Claim: An Opportunity For Needed Reforms found here…

Posted by George Young

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