Macdonald-Laurier Institute Senior Fellow Benjamin Perrin spoke with the CBC’s As It Happens about why Canada’s terrorism laws are already sufficient to counter future attacks.

The federal government is currently reviewing its counter-terrorism laws after last week’s shootings in the Parliamentary precinct in Ottawa.

Despite the inflammatory nature of the attack, Perrin says it’s important that the government not overreact.

“Every country that’s had a major terrorist incident in the last decade has responded very quickly with, in some cases, very draconian measures”, he tells the program. “My hope was that Canada would not fall into the same trap”.

It’s important that lawmakers understand the intent behind terrorism, Perrin says. Attacks such as those that took place in Ottawa are designed to extract an overreaction that limits the freedoms of Canadian citizens.

Perrin says the laws designed after 9/11 already provide for extraordinary measures such as preventative arrests and secret hearings.

“My concern is that we not have a knee-jerk reaction of (adopting) an increasing number of laws which really might not be effective in the end at all”, he says.

Perrin, who previously advised Prime Minister Stephen Harper on legal issues, authored an op-ed on the subject for the Globe and Mail this week.

To listen to the interview on As It Happens, click here.

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