In an article titled "Radical reforms — not abolition — needed for Senate, think-tank argues", carried by major daily publications across the country, Postmedia reporter Jordan Press covered MLI managing director Brian Lee Crowley's ambitious plans for Senate reform. In an interview, Crowley explains that "We make a mistake by assuming that constitutional amendment has to start with provinces and getting them onside. The result of that assumption is that constitutional negotiations always end up being these huge unwieldy things. Let's not do that. Let's start with the federal government saying we're not getting into a bunch of horse trading. We're here to fix the Senate". The article lists Crowley's five guiding principles for Senate reform: It should be elected; have power to influence but not override the will of the Commons; have a different mandate and electoral system; it should focus on national rather than provincial issues; and it should equally represent the provinces. To read Crowley's full report click here.

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