We hear a lot about environmental assessment for major natural resource projects.

But what should environmental assessment look like? What does the future hold for EA in Canada?  And what do we even mean by environmental assessment?

In July 2017 MLI released a series of videos with Bram Noble, a thought leader on how to better engage Canadians in natural resource projects, that examine the state of environmental assessment in Canada.

  1. The first video explores the future of environmental assessment.
  2. The second video acts as a primer on what environmental assessment is.
  3. The third video maps out what meaningful environmental assessment should look like.
  4. The fourth video examined which issues should – and which issues shouldn’t – be covered through EA.

The videos feature Noble in conversation with MLI Munk Senior Fellow Ken Coates, an expert on Indigenous engagement in Canada.

Earlier this year Noble authored a paper for MLI on how to reform the environmental assessment process so it works better for Indigenous peoples, businesses and governments.

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