MLI Munk Senior Fellow Christian Leuprecht and MLI author Scott Newark joined the Roy Green Show to discuss the terrorism-related RCMP raids in Kingston and the role that the FBI plays in such raids.

According to Leuprecht, the RCMP is proceeding with the charges that they presently have. At the same time, the RCMP will continue to investigate other leads related to this plot.

This plot was uncovered in part through cooperating with the FBI.

“We are in some ways benefiting from that fact that we live next door to the country with the largest intelligence apparatus," says Leuprecht. "It shows the close intelligence operating in collaboration with the Americans."

"It also demonstrates the degree of trust that Americans have when sharing very sensitive information."

Leuprecht goes on to explain that Canada and the US have a long history of national security and intelligence collaboration and integration. In this case, US assistance served an important role in spoiling a potential terrorist attack.

Because the timetable for this investigation was moved up prematurely and there was insufficient evidence to lay charges against one suspect, Leuprecht explains that the RCMP needed to release the suspect. However, this may have been part of some sort of plea too.

"They may have interviewed the other suspect by offering him a deal," says Leuprecht, speculating that the Crown wouldn't "charge him if he gave honest answers during the interview and subsequently testifyed against the [other suspect.]"

In terms of what was motivating the plotters, Leuprecht notes that "It was not a state sponsor plot."

"There is no sufficient evidence that it was linked with any terrorist organization. It might have been a lone wolf attack. However, there are other people who aware of what's going on, they sympathize with them, help them financially and motivate them."

In addition to Christian Leuprecht, MLI author Scott Newark shared his thoughts on the program.

According to Newark, this case offers some good news upon reflection.

"The good news is that [the RCMP raid] was based on a preventive operation rather than a reactive one. When you are dealing with terrorism, unlike criminal justice, the metric of success is prevention, not prosecution."

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