On July 16, 2011, the National Post published an article by Robert Fulford, MLI Advisory Council member, where he comments on the use of cultural relativism in a recent op-ed piece, "Before You Judge, Stand in Her Shoes", in The New York Times. On cultural relativism, he says, "It limits us whenever we try to think in public about individualism and the consequences of action. It inhibits principles of personal choice and the development of character." He goes on to say:

While attempting to express kindness and charity, it demeans individuals by deciding beforehand that they should be judged by what group or nationality they come from. It emphasizes the limitations of life rather than the possibilities and smugly assumes that all of us are explained by the miseries of our past. It offers lifetime membership in the culture of excuse to anyone who has suffered and it invites them to petition for special treatment. It damages most those it pretends to help.

To read the full article in the National Post, click here.


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