Solveig Singleton, a U.S.-based lawyer who has done extensive research on technology law and policy, appeared on Ottawa radio station CFRA Tuesday to discuss the findings of her recently-released MLI paper on digital privacy.

The paper, titled “Finding the Balance on Digital Privacy: Toward a New Canadian Model for Data Protection in the 21st Century”, argues that Canada’s laws governing digital privacy are too broad.

Singleton told Rick Gibbons, host of CFRA’s the Homepage, that clumsy data protection legislation can often end up conflicting with other legal principles.

“It’s possible that privacy legislation that’s too strict as applied to the private sector could actually end up doing more harm than good”, she said.

For example, she said, laws that restrict data sharing between companies can often heighten the risk of fraud.

To listen to the full interview, click here and begin listening to the podcast for June 10. Singleton’s interview begins at the 56:35 mark.

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