The author of a recently-released MLI paper on digital privacy appeared on Vancouver talk radio station CKNW Thursday morning to discuss why Canada should adopt less stringent regulations for companies collecting and sharing people’s personal data.

Solveig Singleton, the author of “Finding the Balance on Digital Privacy: Toward a New Canadian Model of Data Protection in the 21st Century”, told the station that Canada’s digital privacy laws are often not focused on concrete harm.

This, she says, is hindering competition and ultimately making life more expensive for consumers.

“What you could have is a more relaxed regulatory approach that lets businesses use information in good faith, but that is more focused and targeted against people who do real harm”, she told the station.

To listen to the full interview, click here.

Singleton, a U.S.-based lawyer who has done extensive research on technology law and policy, also spoke to Ottawa talk radio station 1310News about the paper on Thursday morning.

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