Readers of Fearful Symmetry, published in September, 2009,  will recall its claim that "The next 50 years will be an age of labour force inclusiveness such as the social engineers of the employment equity movement could never have imagined." This conclusion was based on an analysis of the impact of population ageing, the consequent retirement of the Boomers, the decline in fertility and a review of the available sources of new workers available to be recruited in to the workforce. The book specifically mentions immigration, Aboriginals, women and certain groups of men as among the most promising places to look.

Now, six months later, StatsCan and the Globe and Mail have caught up with this story. According to The Globe:

A massive demographic change is taking place that could alter Canada's economic, political and education systems and exacerbate the divide between rural and urban communities.

By 2031, one in three Canadians will belong to a visible minority. One in four will be foreign-born, the highest proportion since the end of the last wave of mass immigration that began around 1910, Statscan said in a release Tuesday.

Remember, you read it in Fearful Symmetry first!

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