The Macdonald-Laurier Institute today released its latest True North publication, From Rehabilitation to Recruitment, an in-depth look at the problem of prison radicalization – the recruitment and indoctrination of future terrorists within prison populations by fellow inmates. Authored by MLI Fellow Alex Wilner, From Rehabilitation to Recruitment is a timely look at how Canada can prepare to fight a problem that is already on the public policy agenda for our allies in the United States, Europe and beyond.

Wilner writes, "This paper does not take an alarmist view of the situation within Canada. But it does sound an alarm."

The paper has had tremendous initial coverage. Alex Wilner appears on the editorial pages of the Globe and Mail with an Op Ed titled, Getting Ahead of Prison Radicalization.

Articles also appear today in the National Post, Stop spread of radicalism through jails, and other Postmedia outlets in Windsor, St. John, Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal.

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