December 19, 2012 - In an interview for Sun News, MLI author and security expert Scott Newark says Canada must improve its intelligence gathering and sharing so that individuals who pose a security risk to Canada are identified before they arrive at our borders. The interview follows the release of MLI's latest Straight Talk interview on immigration and national security and resulted in a Sun News article and interview below.

Scott Newark also appeared on Toronto's Newstalk 1010's Live Drive with John Tory yesterday to discuss the problem with repeat offenders. Click here for more information.

For more information on MLI's Straight Talk on immigration and national security with Scott Newark, click here.

Canada Live with Krista Erickson, Sun News Network, December 19, 2012

Security expert says Canada should keep eye out for 'Islamist' immigrants

By Jessica Hume, Sun News Parliamentary Bureau, December 18, 2012

OTTAWA - A security expert says Canada needs to go beyond screening for terrorists landing on our shores and consider the religious beliefs of some prospective immigrants.

Scott Newark says Canada should be concerned about "Islamist" immigrants.

Newark served as executive officer of the Canadian Police Association and also worked as a security and policy advisor to both the Ontario and federal Ministers of Public Safety.

"We need to think hard about what I would call 'Islamism', the political Islam that has absolutely no interest whatsoever in integration, that is intolerant and unyielding and absolutely committed to eradicating Western values," he said in an interview.

Newark says if Canada did a better job screening prospective immigrants, Omar Khadr might not be household name.

Canada knew of Omar Khadr's father's fundraising activities for al-Qaida, for example, and of his father's taking his children to spend time with Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, Newark says.

"But we ignored that," he said. "And that is contrary to what's in our own national security interest."

Newark, unsurprisingly, is a fan of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney, who has made significant changes to the immigration system to keep more undesirables out.

"We're bringing in biometric visas on January 2nd and information sharing with the U.S. so that we can screen out the people who represent a security threat," Kenney recently told reporters.

Dr. Salim Mansur, a political science professor at London's Western University, wants Kenney to go a step further and introduce a moratorium on immigration from Muslim nations.

"This is not racist," Mansur said, referring to Newark's comments. "Their values, ideologies, politics and culture are completely incompatible with the values of Canada as a liberal democracy."


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