MLI Research Advisory Board member Elliot Tepper spoke to CTV to discuss the G7 summit in Quebec and the tough questions that US President Trump is expected to face from other leaders over issues with tariffs and trade.

Tensions were high in advance of the meeting that was intended to be a discussion on economic growth, gender equality, climate change and plastic pollution. According to Tepper, “this was going to be a very rocky summit,” and that there were significant issues even “before the announcement of the tariffs.”

Tepper suggests that President Trump is likely to face significant backlash from fellow leaders in reaction to tariffs he has imposed on commodities such aluminum and steel. Tariff issues “are clearly going to further dim the chances of a successful G7 – which Canada is hosting.”

Tepper goes on to discuss how President Trump’s unilateral actions on issues such as trade are out of step with other G7 leaders who have embraced globalization, and that “America First is more and more looking like America alone.”

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