UK Prime Minister Theresa May has officially tendered her resignation as leader of the UK Conservative Party, staying on as Prime Minister until the Party selects a new leader. MLI Research Advisory Board member Elliot Tepper joined CTV News to discuss what happens next, and how the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom will be selected.

According to Tepper, the 313 member-strong Conservative Party caucus must select 2 of the 11 declared leadership candidates to put to a vote to the wider Conservative membership, which will then vote on who will become the next leader and Prime Minister.

What can PM May do before her official resignation as Prime Minister? “Almost nothing,” says Tepper. 

Tepper explains that when it comes to who’s leading the polls to replace May, vocal Brexiteer Boris Johnson comes out on top. Other “hard Brexiteers,” who believe in a Brexit even without a leave-deal, lead the polls.

What does Tepper think? “I don’t think somebody young and interesting is going to come out of this. It looks as if the UK is determined to perpetuate the mess they’re in.” 

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