The UK has until April 12th to come up with a decision about Brexit. MLI Research Advisory Board Member Elliot Tepper joined CTV News to discuss what’s next as Brexit continues to stall the UK’s Parliament and PM Elizabeth May.

Tepper says that “they’ll want to come up with something that Parliament itself says 'yes, this will get a majority’.”

“They’re after the Goldilocks accommodation”, Tepper explains, meaning that the UK is looking for the perfect solution that appeals to all sides of the Brexit issue.

However, this is highly unlikely as Parliament is too divided to agree on one solution. “What this shows is that the UK is in a crisis and sees itself no way out,” Tepper observes.

He also warns that “no matter what happens, it appears, unless the UK decides to cancel leaving … the European project that is the uniting of Europe is in serious jeopardy.”

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