The Canadian government’s decision to send military trainers to Ukraine sends a strong but measured message of defiance in the face of Russian aggression, Macdonald-Laurier Institute Senior Fellow Christian Leuprecht told CBC.Christian Leuprecht

Earlier this week the government announced it would be sending about 200 troops to train Ukrainian soldiers. The training mission, taking place in concert with the United States and the United Kingdom, is designed to buttress Ukraine against Russian expansion.

“It sends an important message to Russia that at least some NATO member countries are prepared to provide to Ukraine without providing actual arms”, Leuprecht said in an interview with CBC Ottawa.

Leuprecht says that Canada’s geographical distance allows it to be more aggressive than other NATO countries that are closer to Ukraine and Russia.

“I think it’s an interesting shot across the bow of the Russians but it’s also a compromise solution with our continental European allies who didn’t want any weapons to be sent”, Leuprecht said.

Leuprecht, who was recently appointed as an MLI Senior Fellow, did interviews with CBC stations across the country.

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