Munk Senior Fellow Sean Speer joins the Big Picture Panel on CBC’s On the Money to discuss the policies proposed by Ontario's likely candidates for Premier.

To the platform proposed by frontrunner Doug Ford of the Ontario PCs, Speer opines that the "the policy proposals that he’s put forward will probably get him through to a budget." But he also adds that it's uncertain what "the agenda looks like for the remainder of a possible four-year majority mandate."

Speer goes on to express concerns about how this uncertainty could affect citizens, investors, and businesses, noting that "until we have a clearer sense of what a PC agenda might look like, those questions will persist."

Last, Speer predicts that Mr. Ford's promise to repeal Ontario's cap and trade system, given new federal enforcement powers, could contribute to the federal imposition of carbon pricing emerging as the defining issue of the 2019 federal election.

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