With the US reaching a deal with Canada and Mexico to end the tariff stand off, the continent might be one step closer to ratifying the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). MLI Research Advisory Board Member Elliot Tepper joined CTV News to discuss.

According to Tepper, the end of this tariff stand off is a win for all parties.

"It's very good news for all three states. But there is, of course. other issues."

In particular, Tepper sees the tariff situation as an extension of the Trump Administration's push to economically isolate China. As part of the deal that ended the tariff situation, Canada and Mexico are no longer "a backdoor for the dumping of cheap steel, particularly from China."

Ultimately, Tepper argues that this deal is a result of two main motivations: one is to have a united North America to deal with China, and the other is the domestic political situation in the US.

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