With trade talks spiraling and access to the American market being so crucial to Canada's economy, MLI Munk Senior Fellow Philip Cross joined BBC to discuss what impacts the agreement between Mexico and the US might have on Canada.

According to Cross, Canada is in a much worse position than it was at the beginning of trade talks.

The US-Mexico deal means that there is now a great deal of pressure on Canada to make concessions and "to go along with what the Mexicans and Americans have already negotiated."

Speaking about the US President's threat to impose 25% tariffs on Canada's automotive industry, Cross highlights how "Trump has honed in very well on the weakness of Canada, by saying that 'if you don't agree with this very quickly, we're going to take away the thing that is most important to you"

"This puts Canada in a difficult position," as we are now under a lot of pressure to "make concessions and come to a deal quickly."


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