May 29, 2012 - In today's Vancouver Sun, journalist Pete McMartin writes about MLI's recent Commentary by Wendell Cox,  Mobility and Prosperity in the City of the Future. An excerpt below:

What if everything we've believed about the benefits of urban density is wrong?

What if restricting car traffic in favour of public transit hurts a city rather than helps it?

Here in Vancouver, the benefits of densification and transit are planning gospel. They're the twin pillars of the Greenest City.

Wendell Cox begs to differ. Cox, a U.S. public policy consultant, and a thinker who most urban planners would consider the devil incarnate, argues that densification has hurt the quality of life in Canada's major cities, not helped it.

And that includes Vancouver.

Cox makes his case in Mobility and Prosperity in the City of the Future, a paper just released by the Macdonald-Laurier Institute in Ottawa.

Read the entire column in the Vancouver Sun here.

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