Note: On Jan. 8, Robin Sears wrote a letter to "unreservedly apologize" to Globe and Mail publisher Phillip Crawley for remarks Sears made during the debate which have been edited out of this video. To read the full text of the letter click here.

As Canada's government moves toward free trade with China, many Canadians are raising concerns that the ambitions of the Chinese regime are contrary to Canada's interests.

On issues of security, human rights, and the rules of global trade, there is a great divide between the two nations. Others would argue that the economic opportunity presented by deeper ties with China must be seized now, and that country's evolution in recent years will make it an appropriate trading partner for Canada.

Who is right? Should Canadians be worried about ​getting too cozy with China? Watch Robin Sears and Tony Keller debate the resolution, moderated by former House of Commons Speaker Peter Milliken. Photos from the event can also be found here.

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