In his new regular column for the Ottawa Citizen, MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley welcomes the news of the killing of Osama bin Laden and questions why some commentators seem to feel that the west is always wrong when it defends its values, while radical Islamists and others are too frequently given a free pass when they attack the west. As he writes:

The fact is, when given a chance, the world's poor and dispossessed flock to western societies. If Canada and the United States were to open our borders to the world, our countries would look like Wal-Mart on a Saturday morning. We are the great alternative to the totalitarian and authoritarian enthusiasms to which much of the world is prey. And that means that the light we shine on the world is a threat to those dark designs, a constant reminder that freedom and human dignity are the alternative to George Orwell's boot stamping on the face of humanity.

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"We have a duty to defend our values"

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