In a recent post at, Alejandro Chafuen surveys Canada's think tank landscape and finds MLI standing tall. Chafuen writes that MLI "hit the ground running with great policy products," in 2010 and that "it also managed to rank ahead of other older think tanks."

We See Thee Rise: Canada's Emerging Role In Policy Leadership

By Alejandro Chafuen

In their 2010 book The Canadian Century: Moving Out of America's Shadow, Brian Lee Crowley, Jason Clemens, and Niels Veldhuis, three leading Canadian policy and think tank experts, described the great opportunity lying ahead for our northern neighbor.  Public policy reforms that increased market incentives, opened new areas to trade and production, and moved toward increased economic freedom and financial stability, reversed the trends that made Canada lag behind the U.S. Canada today ranks ahead of the United States in economic freedom and in transparency, as well as in many other economic indicators such as lower levels of debt, less unemployment, and higher GDP growth ... to read the rest of the Forbes piece click here.

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