*NOTE: due to technical challenges, a portion of the livestream was lost, particularly the opening remarks from MLI Munk Senior Fellow Richard Owens. Much of that lost portion has been recovered and is available at the bottom of this page*

When a vaccine comes, it won't be 'made in Canada'. Canadians are wondering why, and how to ensure timely access to COVID vaccines and other medicines, treatments and health services now and in the future. As we continue to struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is overwhelmingly clear that a thriving health care sector is absolutely vital to the wellbeing of our citizens. It is also an economic opportunity. And yet, too often, Canadian policy-makers have acted in ways that inhibit innovation in this booming field.

As Richard Owens, MLI Munk Senior Fellow and panelist, writes in the Financial Post, "it’s time, well past time, for government to get out of the way of innovation and put the health and well-being of Canadians first."

The Macdonald-Laurier Institute hosted a panel event on Nov. 30 that brought together MLI's distinguished fellows along with some of the country's top experts on the health economy to help chart a path to a world-leading health and life sciences sector.


  • Jack Mintz, MLI Distinguished Fellow; President’s Fellow, the School of Public Policy at University of Calgary
  • Audrey Laporte, Director of the Canadian Centre for Health Economics
  • Jason Field, CEO, Life Sciences Ontario
  • Richard Owens, MLI Munk Senior Fellow
  • Tasha Kheiriddin, Principal, Navigator (moderator)

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