In the new book Gardeners vs Designers¸ MLI Managing Director Brian Lee Crowley swims against the “progressive” zeitgeist that claims Canada is a nasty vile place, full of racism, homophobia and hate, desperately in need of smart politicians to “fix” this failing ramshackle excuse for a country. Instead Dr. Crowley proudly proclaims that Canada is not a problem to be fixed, but a rich inheritance of freedom and courage to be enjoyed and cautiously incrementally adjusted to embrace new ideas and experiences. A society that has “grown” in this way, nurtured by those with the “gardener” mindset, is far more likely to be harmed than improved by a handful of ignorant politicians and bureaucrats, the “designers,” who think they know more about Canada than the generations of Canadians who have built the successful institutions and practices that each generation has handed off, enriched and improved, to its successor. The political division between gardeners and designers is the true fault line separating Canadians politically.

MLI hosted the national book launch for Gardeners vs Designers. At this webinar, Dr. Crowley offered a reading from his book, which was followed by a panel discussion from notable thought leaders from across Canada.


  • Brian Lee Crowley, MLI's Managing Director and author of Gardeners vs. Designers
  • Jamil Jivani, award-winning lawyer and author; MLI’s Senior Fellow for Diversity and Empowerment
  • Andrew Coyne, columnist for The Globe and Mail
  • Danielle Smith, Host of The Danielle Smith Show on 770 CHQR.
  • Bob Plamondon, Consultant, Independent Board Member, Author (moderator)

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