In a historic election victory, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been re-elected. To make sense of this election, as well as the impacts that it could have on Canadian policy in the Indo-Pacific region, MLI Munk Senior Fellow Shuvaloy Majumdar participated in a CBC Power & Politics panel alongside Stewart Beck, hosted by Vassy Kapelos.

According to Majumdar, this win for Modi is "an assertion of a rising and confident India."

"The fact that Narendra Modi has expanded his BJP presence in the Lok Sabha is really quite remarkable. He's easily becoming the most consequential leader of India since independence... it's a very significant moment for the Indian people, and a profoundly important message for the world."

Majumdar argues that India under Modi could present a very significant opportunity for Canada.

"I sincerely hope that Canada think bigger than whoever may be in power at any given time... and start focusing on the significant opportunity that India provides across the Indo-Pacific."

"This is a country which we have so much symmetry in terms of values," says Majumdar, making the case that India is a place where Canada "ought to be setting up a flagpole for our wider outreach across the region, especially in the context of strategic competition with China."